Escape Game Mona Lisa Heist, ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb. Zagreb.
Escape Game Mona Lisa Heist, ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb. Zagreb.
Escape Game Mona Lisa Heist, ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb. Zagreb.

Escape Game Mona Lisa Heist

Players 2—7 players
Age Age restriction 15+
Time 75 min. to complete
Price 300—450 Kn per team
Difficulty level Intermediate

About the game Mona Lisa Heist

Mona Lisa Heist is a game in which you'll become thieves trying to steal back the famous Mona Lisa from an art gallery and take it back to Louvre; it's rightful place. You'll encounter many different task and obstacles in your mission to retrieve the masterpiece.  Before you enter the game you'll be equipped with everything you need to successfully complete your mission. You'll enter the gallery in the middle of the night (game is played in complete darkness) so you will need some head lights, you don't want to leave any fingerprints, so you'll get gloves, and of course as any professional team you need to be in sync, so you'll get wrist watches. After you're all set, prepare yourselves for an adventure and let the game begin.

Photos escape game Mona Lisa Heist

Story escape game Mona Lisa Heist

Jedna od najpoznatijih slika na svijetu, slavna Mona Lisa, nestala je iz Louvrea! Sumnja se da ju je ukrao poznati kolekcionar i ljubitelj umjetnina – vlasnik galerije Madison. Muzej je Vas angažirao da vratite sliku! Možete li ju ukrasti iz galerije prije nego li se otvori?


Address escape game Mona Lisa Heist

Zagreb, Ul. kneza Borne 12, Zagreb
+385 99 ... Show phone number

Reviews on escape game Mona Lisa Heist

30.07.2017 10:37

It was really amazing experience, we had tons of fun stealing Mona Lisa. The best part is that the whole game is played in dark with only headlights they give you before you enter the room. Can't wait to do the Memento room. Seriously - I highly reccomend this place :D

28.07.2017 12:50

The Mona Lisa Heist is one of the best games I played in a while.. The whole game is played in the dark, which is awesome; and before you enter the room, gamemaster gives you all equipment you need - we got headlights, gloves, and synced watches. We had great time, and our gamemaster Kristijan was a really cool dude with so much patience for us. Would recommend!!!


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