Escape Game Memento, ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb. Zagreb.
Escape Game Memento, ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb. Zagreb.
Escape Game Memento, ClueGo Escape Room Zagreb. Zagreb.

Escape Game Memento

9,9 — total ranking
9,6 — immersion
10,0 — gameplay
10,0 — quality
10,0 — service
3 — reviews
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Players 2—5 players
Age Age restriction 15+
Time 75 min. to complete
Price 300—400 Kn per team
Difficulty level Intermediate

About the game Memento

MEMENTO is a game which will take you on a journey of illusions and corporate tricks. You signed a contract with this firm ALCOM ltd., stated that once you complete the project you were working on, you'll get crazy amount of money, and that your memory will be erased. While working on a project you figured out they deceived you. You're not getting your money, and they will frame you for stealing intellectual property. To avoid arrest you came up with a genius plan. You sent yourself an envelope containing ordinary items that will help you figure out what's going on, once your memory is erased; and to help you get your money and escape before the police gets you.

Photos escape game Memento

Story escape game Memento

Radili ste na tajnom projektu razvoja umjetne inteligencije. Ugovor koji ste potpisali uključivao je ogromnu svotu novca koja će vam se isplatiti po završetku projekta, ali i klauzulu u kojoj piše da će vam obrisati pamćenje kako ne biste mogli prodati nacrte projekta konkurenciji.

Tijekom rada, shvatili ste da će Vas prevariti! Prije nego su vam obrisali pamćenje, uspjeli ste sakriti predmete koji će vam pomoći da pobjegnete iz zemlje sa svojim novcima. Možete li se sjetiti što se dogodilo, i pronaći sve što vam je potrebno za bijeg?


Address escape game Memento

Zagreb, Ul. kneza Borne 12, Zagreb
+385 99 ... Show phone number

Reviews on escape game Memento

30.07.2017 10:46

THE HARDEST GAME IN ZAGREB! I love ClueGo! We played both of their rooms and they are both great! Somehow I liked Memento a bit more. After playing almost every room in Zagreb, this is my new favorite :D The game is so smart - and it makes you smart by the end of it! Definitely the most challenging game I played :) You should definitely try it yourself !!!

28.07.2017 12:55

This one is pretty challenging! There are so many tasks you have to do, and we really enjoyed it! Some of the puzzles I've never seen before anywhere else.. Even though it's hard, it's also so much fun, and you should definitely give it a try. Also, the staff is very friendly! :D

30.07.2017 10:42

This was a real challenge for me and my team.. We escaped in the last minute.. Puzzles are relly thoughtfully made, and they make you think. You wont be able to pass this game without taking the time to think things through on almost every puzzle. We loved it! It's really refreshing considering most of the games we played weren't that callenging. Will be back to steal the Mona Lisa :)


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