Escape games by "Labirintanje" in Zagreb

Located in Zagreb city centre, just a couple of minutes walk from the main square, Labirintanje is the new escape room game which gives you a chance to become the main protagonist of an epic quest riddled with mystery. Test your wits and rely on your friends, but above all, have fun. Can you master the challenge?

What is an escape room?

You find yourself trapped in a locked room. There seems to be no way out. However, you have 60 minutes to discover hidden objects and solve puzzles to exit. Can you easily spot objects no one else noticed? Or do your talents lie in solving even the most difficult codes in a matter of seconds? Either way, test your talents under pressure and impress your team-mates. But also remember, working with your team is the only way to exit in time.

Who are we?

A group of young, enthusiastic students who wanted to use their knowledge to create something fun. That desire is what gave birth to the idea of opening our own roomescape.

It began with talking about it in our free time, thinking of all the cool stuff we could incorporate in the story and imagining how great it would be if our fantasy came to reality at some point. After we actually started to make the plans happen, the journey was amazing. The process of creating our own roomescape game enabled us to use both our imagination and knowledge, to build a world which makes us happy and to make our ideas, however impossible they seemed, come to reality. The only rule we followed was whatever we can do ourselves, we shall do ourselves.

Every one of us has a hobby which proved useful at some point of the construction of the room, and this also made us a complete team. Some love to draw and paint, others enjoy photography and some of us can solve riddles in our sleep. We feel it is this mark that each one of us left in the making of this roomescape that makes it truly unique, and we would love to make you a part of this crazy world we have created. Give us an hour of your time and we will enable you to enter this world and offer you a new, incredibly fun experience.

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